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114-116 Manningham Ln, Bradford BD8 7JF​

Testday’s Journey

Since our inception in 2013 in West Yorkshire, Testday has been dedicated to revolutionizing the driving school industry for the past decade. Our unique service focuses on providing 1 to 4 lessons on the test day itself, ensuring that learners are fully prepared and confident when it matters most.


Throughout our 10-year journey, we have assisted thousands of learners in obtaining their driving licenses within just a few hours on their test day. Our service excels at finding last-minute cancellations at any test center, offering targeted instruction on the day of the test, and providing fully insured vehicles for the driving test. This efficient approach allows learners to achieve their goals swiftly and effectively.


Our driving instructors are committed to ensuring that learners pass their tests with confidence. They are willing to travel to cover driving tests wherever needed. We meticulously select and train our instructors to meet high standards, guaranteeing that learners can pass within a few hours on their test day. All our instructors are fully qualified and approved by the DVSA, ensuring top-notch instruction and support for our learners.

Commitment to Learners

At Testday, our primary focus is the success and satisfaction of our learners. We understand that the driving test can be a stressful experience, so we strive to provide a supportive and encouraging environment. Our instructors offer personalized guidance tailored to each learner’s needs, ensuring they are fully equipped to pass their test with flying colors.

Flexible and Convenient Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the needs of our learners. Our service is designed to be flexible and convenient, accommodating last-minute test bookings and offering lessons that fit into even the busiest schedules. Whether you need a single lesson or multiple sessions on your test day, Testday has you covered.

Fully Insured Vehicles

Safety is a top priority at Testday. We provide fully insured vehicles for all driving tests, giving learners peace of mind as they take the wheel. Our cars are well-maintained and equipped with the necessary features to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience during the test.

Proven Track Record

Over the years, Testday has built a reputation for excellence in the driving school industry. Our high pass rates and positive feedback from learners attest to the effectiveness of our approach. We are proud to have helped thousands of individuals achieve their driving goals quickly and efficiently.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continually improving our services to better meet the needs of our learners. By staying updated with the latest industry trends and incorporating feedback from our clients, we ensure that Testday remains at the forefront of driving education and test preparation.

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Client Reviews

What Clients Say

Name: Emma T.
Rating: 5
Review: Testday.co.uk saved me when my car broke down the day before my driving test. Their quick response and professional service ensured I could still take my test and pass. Highly recommend their emergency car hire!
Date: a week ago

Name: James K.
Rating: 5
Review: Fantastic service! The instructor was calm and patient, and the dual-controlled car was in perfect condition. I felt confident and well-prepared on test day thanks to Testday.co.uk.
Date: two weeks ago

Name: Sophie L.
Rating: 5
Review: I booked a 2-hour lesson and car hire package. The lesson was thorough, and the instructor gave me last-minute tips that were invaluable. Passed my test with flying colors!
Date: three weeks ago

Name: Daniel M.
Rating: 5
Review: Testday.co.uk offers a stress-free solution for last-minute test day needs. The process was straightforward, and the team was supportive throughout. Definitely worth it!
Date: a month ago

Name: Olivia R.
Rating: 5
Review: Their emergency service is top-notch. I got a test date much earlier than expected and passed thanks to their excellent preparation session and reliable car. A lifesaver for learner drivers!
Date: a month ago